Intuitive Readings & Massage Therapy Packages

We provide out-call services, meaning we will come to you, set up, and perform intuitive readings and massage therapy services in the safety and comfort of your home. We are vetted, licensed, and insured in the state of Arizona and will conduct ourselves and services with the utmost respect while we are in your home.

Multiple references can be given to ensure your comfort and safety. Arrangements can also be made outside of Arizona time for intuitive readings and energetic healings in the event that you are from other states or countries. We do work internationally

Hours Currently Available Monday - Saturday 9 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 1 pm to 8 pm MST 623-277-9724

Intuitive Readings & Massage Package
30 Min Reading  & 60 Min Therapeutic Massage 
30 Min Reading & 90 Min Therapeutic Massage

30 Min Reading & 120 Min Therapeutic Massage

Customized Massage

60 Minute Hands-On Session

90 Minute Hands-On Session

120 Minute Hands-On Session

Intuitive Readings 

15 Min - by email only

 30 Min - email or phone

45 Min- email or phone

60 Min - email or phone

(All Intuitive Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only. 

Must Be 18 Years or consent of legal parent/guardian.)

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It is my goal to be the first to educate, inform, demonstrate, heal, and empower,  the world,

one intuitive reading and massage therapy session at a time.